Monday, March 2, 2020

Maintaining Balance

By Johnny Hester

      In a recent phone conversation with a brother in Christ whom I have never met in person, I was asked to sum up my “philosophy of ministry.” After expressing my confidence in the authoritative, infallible nature of the Word of God I went on to explain that in matters of judgment and expedience I try to maintain a balance that is not unduly and doggedly devoted to my own long-held opinions nor that is eager to embrace something different simply for the sake of change. In hindsight I probably could and should have expressed myself more succinctly, but that is often my self-assessment upon further reflection upon my “instant responses.” One thing I did attempt to convey is that I have not attained perfection in that stated aim of being balanced.
      Back in 2012 the aerialist/tightrope-walker Nik Wallenda had millions of television viewers across the globe sitting on the edge of our seats as we watched him walk across the mighty Niagara Falls on a narrow strand of material. Following the spectacular event an interviewer questioned the daredevil about his “perfect balance.” Wallenda’s response is worthy of note and reflection. He said: “There is no such thing as perfect balance, only constant correction.”
      That is a truth I want to remember regarding my on beliefs and positions. The Word of God is inerrant and I will continue to accept it as such without question. In matters God has not specifically addressed in his Word I will pray for wisdom and consider with an open mind the thoughts of godly men and women who have pondered the same concerns.
      When I achieve perfect balance I will let you know, but until then I want to remain humble enough to accept constant correction as needed.

 - Johnny Hester preaches for the Matthews Church of Christ in Matthews, MO. He may be contacted at

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