Monday, March 2, 2020

Jesus: Tempted ... Like As We Are

By David Pharr

    A story is told of a man whose wife had deserted him for another man. She had succeeded in taking away their children. The estranged husband had given in to depression and lost his business. Brokenhearted and ruined, he became obsessed with the enormity of his troubles and refused every offer of encouragement and hope. The day came when he heard a great sermon on Christ having been “in all points tempted like as we are,” but rather than being comforted, he resented the sermon and told the preacher, “Yes, Jesus suffered many things, but He never had a wife and family stolen from Him. He was never married, never had children, so that’s suffering He never knew.”
    The preacher wisely responded, “You have seen an accomplished violinist play a great variety of music. There are only four strings on his violin, but they can produce both dances and dirges. The same four strings can cover the whole range. No, Jesus did not experience your trials in the same details, but He endured the broad range of disappointment, desertion, grief, pain and even dying, so that the strings of His heart can vibrate with all the sad songs of life’s bitterest experiences.”

--David Pharr for many years preached for the Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill, SC. Although he is retired from full time preaching, he is an active member of the board for the Carolina Messenger. Please visit their website at:

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