Monday, June 1, 2020

The Two Essential Questions for Planning

by J. Randal Matheny

    Another month gone that will never return. It cannot be undone, for good or bad, for joy or sadness.
    We hope to have another month ahead. We'll make plans to use it, possibly. We ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we will do this or that" (see James 4). But we'll actually live it a day at a time, from moment to moment.
    Things will happen to cause changes in plans. We can wring our hands and cry tears of frustration. Or we can adjust and adapt and see in the changes possibilities and opportunities.
    Plans consist of intentions to use time and resources, hopefully, in a positive and constructive way, for maximum benefit.
    For a Christian, plans ought to reflect the spiritual priority of the two greatest commandments (see Matthew 22). So one ought to be constantly asking oneself:

* How can I use my time and resources to love God?
* How can I use my time and resources to love my neighbor?
Victor Hugo wrote, "Love is the only future God offers." Shouldn't the Christian plan to make the future revolve around love?

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