Monday, June 1, 2020

The Time to Love is Now

By Gerald Cowan

I wonder if you love me,
Though I really hope you do.
I wonder, if you told me so
Would I think it really true?
Actions overshadow words,
Whenever they are bad, not good.
Unless the words and actions match
They both can be misunderstood.

I hope that if you love me
You’ll find a way to let me know
So I can have the feelings
Which from true affection flow
Now, while I am living.
Do not wait until I’m gone
To speak your words to others,
Or have them cut in polished stone.
If you wait until I’m sleeping,
Never more in life to wake,
With silent death between us,
There’s no comfort we can take.
Even when we both are dead,
Love’s joy that might have been
But was not properly expressed
Cannot really bless us then.

And so I say again to you,
If you love me, please say it,
Tell me now while I am living
So I can know and treasure it.
And since I know you also need
To hear about my love for you,
I’m going to tell it to you now:
I love you. I do love you.

- Gerald Cowan, a longtime preacher and missionary, is retired from full-time pulpit preaching. Gerald publishes an e-mail newsletter entitled GERALD COWAN’S PERSONAL PERIODICAL WRITINGS. He is available for Gospel Meetings and he may be contacted at

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