Monday, June 1, 2020

Escape From Sin to Heaven

By Gerald Cowan

I pray to God that I may find
A priest to make me whole,
A priest who has a sacrifice
That can redeem my soul.

My soul is lost through my own sin,
Not any other’s fault.
Only what I myself have done
Puts me in Satan’s vault.

God has the key. He can unlock
And free me from that cell
Where I am Satan’s prisoner
And rescue me from hell.

Christ Jesus in the Priest I need.
My God sent him for me.
His sacrifice, made on the cross,
Can set all sinners free.

Not only I, but you my friend
Can from the holding pen
Of sin and death and hell escape
To God’s eternal heav’n.

And so I ask you to believe
As I believe. Obey
The Son of God who offers life
And follow him today.

 - Gerald Cowan, a longtime preacher and missionary, is retired from full-time pulpit preaching. Gerald publishes an e-mail newsletter entitled GERALD COWAN’S PERSONAL PERIODICAL WRITINGS. He is available for Gospel Meetings and he may be contacted at

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