Friday, May 1, 2020

When Price Is No Obstacle

By David Bragg

    As America stepped into the twentieth century Philip Armour reigned over the Armour Packing Company of Chicago. He moved among the richest tiers of society and was accustomed to the very best. So what does such a man do when he can no longer buy what he most desperately wants?
    One of the darkest corners of his life revolved around his 12-year-old daughter, Lolita, who had been born with a dislocated hip that robbed her of the ability to walk. Armour was frustrated in his search for someone, anyone, who could cure his daughter. Then he found Dr. Adolf Lorenz of Vienna, Austria. Dr. Lorenz had distinguished himself in orthopedics, especially the manipulation of joints and the use of traction and casts. Armour pleaded with Dr. Lorenz to come to Chicago to treat Lolita. Armour offered to compensate Dr. Lorenz $30,000. [National Center for Biotechnology Information,]
    To gain some perspective, $30,000 in 1901 would be more than $850,000 today. When it came to his beloved daughter, price was no obstacle, especially when Lolita walked.
    God feels the very same way about you! Sin had built a wall so huge that it blocked all access to God (cf. Isaiah 59:1-20). In short, you were hopelessly lost in sin (Ephesians 2:11-12). God loved you so much, and longed for your reconciliation so strongly that He willingly sent and sacrificed His own beloved Son, a man wholly innocent of any sin (1 Peter 2:22), to atone for your sin. Truly, for Him, price was no obstacle when it came to “seeking and saving the lost” (cf. Luke 19:10).

- David Bragg serves as one of the ministers at the Northwest Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC and is co-editor of BulletinGold. He may be contacted thr
ough the congregation's website: or his blog:

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