Friday, May 1, 2020

Exalt God, Not Idols

By Larry Miles

    In verse 4, Paul  lists three sins that  should never characterize the life of a Christian. These are;
              1. Filthiness
              2. Foolish Talking
              3. Jesting.
Each of these can include what we might call sub topics. Denny Petrillo, President of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, wrote the  following:, "All three of the words used here are unique to the New Testament. First, in this block is 'filthiness.' Not only did they engage in sexual avarice, they talked about it. Second, 'silly talk.' This refers to the talk of a fool who either does not believe in God or does not acknowledge His power. Third, Paul lists 'course jesting.'"
    Whenever the Word of God instructs us to cease from the wrong kind of behavior, it gives us a scriptural alternative. That there is humor and laughing in the Scriptures is a fact. But we all know that those two attitudes, along with many other things in the Bible can be used wrongly, even sinfully.
    The Apostle Paul writes in 1 Thess. 5:18 that we must be known for "giving thanks." We must always  have an attitude of gratitude and a vocabulary of thanksgiving.
    We must replace idols with true worship, the filling of the Holy Spirit. We must live in the Spirit as well as  believing in the Holy Spirit.

 - Larry Miles lives in Louisville, KY and publishes "Larry's Lines" several times a week. Copyright 2019. Visit his website:

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