Monday, May 17, 2021

Who is Jesus? (John 8)

    A number of characteristics of Jesus Christ are identified in John chapter eight. All of these characteristics center upon the fact that Jesus Christ is the Divine Son of God. Who is Jesus?
    Let’s see how John chapter eight answers this question.
Jesus is the Compassionate Savior
(John 8:1-11)
    The compassion of Jesus Christ is evident in the manor in which He addressed the accusers of the woman who had been caught in the very act of adultery. Jesus did not justify or excuse this woman’s sin, and in fact told her to go and sin no more. However, He did forgive her. In the forgiveness given to the woman caught in adultery we see hope for the forgiveness of sins for ourselves and all others who will turn to Christ. Jesus is the compassionate Savior whose love, patience, kindness, and mercy provides for us the peace and relief that comes from burdens lifted when sins are forgiven.
Jesus is the Light of the World
(John 8:12-20)
    Jesus told us we should be the light of the world when He gave His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:14-16). We cannot be the light of the world in the same way Jesus Christ is the light of the world. He is the light of the world in that He is the embodiment of truth and the giver of truth. We are lesser lights that reflect His glory when we live the truth. Jesus was sent by the Father to shine the glorious light of truth in the darkness of a world cursed by sin.
Jesus is From Above
(John 8:21-30)
    This fact is brought throughout this context. Jesus Christ said He is from above and therefore He is not of this world. He told the people He would be going away some day as He spoke of the time He would leave the earth and return to His home in heaven. Jesus came from above, went back up to His heavenly home, and someday He will return from above.
Jesus is From the Father
(John 8:31-47)
    The facts that Jesus Christ is from above and that He is from the Father are tied together. Everything that Jesus taught came from the Father. Everything Jesus Christ did was according to the will of the Father. The Jews who opposed Jesus were proud to tell Jesus that Abraham was their father. Jesus agreed they descended from Abraham but said Abraham was not their father because Abraham would not have rejected Him. Jesus also pointed out the fact that God was not their Father. Jesus said, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.” After declaring God to be His Father, Jesus identified Satan as the Father of these Jews who refused to receive Him.
Jesus is the Great “I Am”
(John 8:48-59)
    In declaring Himself to be “I AM,” Jesus was emphatically stating He is divine. Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” The term “I AM” is one which points out the self-existent nature of God (Exodus 3:14). Jesus has always existed, exists now, and always will exist. Such a quality is found only in the Divine. The Jews who opposed Him that day wanted to stone Him for saying this. That proves they knew exactly what He meant.
    Who is Jesus? He is the compassionate Savior, the One from the Father above, the light of the world, and the great “I AM.” Jesus later identified Himself as “the way, the truth and the life,” even as He boldly stated, “no one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).”
    Who is Jesus? Jesus is the only way to the Father in Heaven.
- Kevin V. Rutherford preaches for the Warners Chapel church of Christ in Clemmons, NC. He may be contacted through the congregation's website:

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