Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What Kind of Faith Do You Want?

By J. Randal Matheny

     One of the world's largest businesses tailors its offerings to people's desires and needs. Do you want a big business that can become a career and pay you more now than you could ever make where you are? They've got the plan for you. Or is your ambition level lower, your enthusiasm small, so that you want to just supplement your income with a bit of extra? They've also got a plan for you. Both plans are good.
     The Way of Jesus Christ does not tailor its plan to the ambition or desire of the disciple. God has but one plan. We do not opt for different levels, types, or models of faith. There is but "one faith" Eph 4.3.
     God shows us what that one faith is (and is not) and how we can acquire and nourish it.
     Faith is not secret, as the gospel of John shows us. Faith declares itself. Faith cannot keep quiet, but is always confessing and professing the Lord, 2 Cor 4.13; Gal 1.23.
     Faith is not ignorant. Faith and knowledge go together, 2 Peter 3.13. In fact, the Bible speaks of "the faith" as that body of truths that must be accepted and proclaimed, 1 Tim 4.1; Jd 3. To be saved, faith must believe certain truths, Heb 11.6.
     Faith is not inactive. Rather, it cannot be still, Acts 14.22. It must be moving, up and about, serving, seeking, speaking a good word for the Master. Faith needs action, but action that expresses the essence of its nature.
     Faith is not stationary. It moves always forward toward its goal. It seeks maturity, growth, progress for self and for others, Phil 1.25; Tt 1.1. And for the body of Christ. Faith has a goal: the salvation of souls, 1 Pet 1.9.
     Faith is not solitary. It seeks company, Phil 1.27. It is not heartless, but loving and ever seeks to express that love. Paul spoke of "the faith you share with us" Phile 6. We hold it in common, Jd 3.
     Just as there are gospels that are no gospel at all, Gal 1.6-9, there are also faiths that are no faith. But there is only one saving faith, Jas 2.14.
     You can opt for any number of faiths. But only one will get you into the presence of God and into the eternal abode where the faithful will live forever.

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