Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Sense of Need

By Donna Wittlif

And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).
    What do you need? A bigger house? A new car? Wellness and health of body and mind? Perhaps it is in everyone’s nature to desire material things that he thinks he needs. Many covet things that will make life easier or give them a longer and more comfortable life. But what do we really need?
    Philippians 4:19 promises that God will supply our every need. We have to remember that this is God talking, not man. God does not view things as we do. He did not send His Son to give us things. Jesus did not come to make man rich, or healthy, or sane, although He did lots of healing of people’s bodies and minds while He was on Earth.
    Jesus came to give our soul everything it needs. If we were hungry, we would think we need food. If we had no house, we would believe we need a place to live. If we were so poor we could not pay for the comforts of life, we would desire money.
    But what if the doctor told you that you had a week to live? Or what if Jesus were to come today? What would you need? Would it be something material? No. Your biggest need would be for God—for His presence, His comfort, His care, and His promise that you will be with Him for eternity. In the end, all that would matter is that you have God.
    The most precious possession we can have is friendship with God. Psalm 118 says, “Oh give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his lovingkindness endures forever.” The rest of the psalm tells why. We cannot live without God. He is our greatest need.
    Hymn: “I Need Thee Every Hour”
    Prayer: Heavenly Father, let us never forget that we need You and to know that You are there for us and that You will help us when we call on You in prayer. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

- Donna Wittlif, the founder and first editor of BulletinGold, lives in Denver, CO. Donna is also a writer of fiction. Her novels, World Eternal: Promises and World Eternal: Proselytes, and World Eternal: Perils, and her newest book, Finding Her Heart,  are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book outlets. For more information visit her website.

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