Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The ABC’S of Successful Parenting

By Edd Sterchi

     Attention - Spend much time with your children and give them plenty of thoughtful attentiveness.
      Bible - Use God’s Word to guide you and teach its eternal truths to them.  It’s the best child care manual in existence.
      Care - Provide everything they need for satisfaction and success in life.  Provide a happy, healthy environment for them to grow.
      Discipline - Children need discipline in a disciplined manner. Discipline, but do not be too harsh.  Correct them in a loving way.
      Example - Be an example to your children.  Make sure they see in you the way you want them to speak and act.
      Fun - Children need to understand there is a time for having fun. Play with your children and laugh often.
       Guidance - Lead them.  Make sure you are always pointing them the right direction.
      Help - Be your children’s biggest fan.  Support them in everything and help them to gain proper self-esteem.
       Inspire - Help to create within them the thought that they can do great things.  Encourage them to reach their full potential.
      Joy - Make your home one of rejoicing and thanksgiving regardless of the circumstance and situation.  Praise God at all times.
      Knowledge - Increasing your understanding in many areas of life will enhance your child’s life, as well.  Never stop learning.
      Love - “The greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Children need to be shown lots of love.  Love conquers all.
      Memories - Do things as a family that create many positive memories.  Remind your children from time to time of past events.
      Network - Create a “network” within the family, making sure all members have responsibilities and duties.
      Order - Stay in control.  Families fall apart when children are given the rule.  Don’t let life get so hectic that your children suffer.
       Patience - Be patient with children – they are young and vulnerable. Patience is a virtue, and virtuous homes have plenty of patience.
      Quality - Provide quality time and advice for your child.  Encourage them to be a person of quality – always doing their best.
      Respect - Make your home one of mutual respect.  Children must also learn the importance of respecting others and respecting God.
      Stability - Children thrive on consistency.  Make sure your home is a stable one.  Develop good habits with them.
      Teaching - Training and instruction are one of the primary parental duties.  Don’t shrug this responsibility.  Teach your children well.
      Understanding - Work hard at understanding your children.  Get to know their personalities and interests.
      Virtue - One of the most important things that can be taught to children is the value of honesty, morality, and character.
      Warning - Our children must be warned of the evils of sin, the ways of the world, and that choices always carry consequences.
      X-factor - No child can be reared exactly the same as another.  Learn their traits and what works and customize parenting for each child.
       Yes - Your children will hear “No” a lot in their lifetime – make sure they hear “Yes” also.
       Zeal - Seeing a parent that is excited about life makes a profound impression upon children.

 - Edd Sterchi preaches for the Broadway Church of Christ in Campbellsville, KY. He may be contacted through the congregation's website: [NOTE: Taken from Edd's booklet for new parents, Congratulations on your new baby!

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