Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Study Your Spouse

By Travis Robertson

    I can’t tell you how many couples I have heard of in just the last 2 months that are separated or in the process of getting a divorce. Some of these couples have been mentors to me and some of them are dear friends. It tells me that Satan is still alive and working. I believe one of Satan’s biggest achievements has been the deterioration of the family over the last 50 years.
    Maybe you have found your own marriage beginning to decline. You have found yourself doing your thing while your spouse is doing their thing, and very little time is spent together doing things together. This doesn’t have to mean the end of a marriage. It doesn’t mean that you have to find the 12-step book that makes it all better.
    I want to encourage you to try just one thing, study your spouse. When you were dating you took the time to find out what they like and what they like to do. Then you would surprise them with a gift or take them to a place they always wanted to go. Why do we stop doing that? Our lives get busy, we get caught up in work, we have children, and life changes. What your husband or wife likes now may have changed. We need to be continually learning about one another as we grow together.
    This may not be the one thing that fixes it all, but it is a great start. I want to encourage you to read the Song of Solomon and notice how much Solomon and his bride care for one another and know about each other. Start studying your spouse like it is the first time you met and let the adventures begin!

 - Travis Robertson preachers for the Lake Norman Church of Christ in Huntersville, NC. He may be contacted through the congregation's website at

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