Wednesday, April 1, 2020


By Ron Thomas

    When the Lord established the family in the Garden of Eden, He set forth the roles early on. In the family, the male (husband/father) is the leader of the family, and the female (wife/mother) is to support the male in this endeavor. The male in God’s established family will bring glory to God and enhance his family as he keeps in mind these things.
    First, he is to be a man of Devotion. By this I mean, he is to be devoted to the Father of all glory and devoted to his family. Devotion to God means one hears, obeys, and then leads the family toward heaven.
    Second, he is a man who gives Assurance. By this I mean he not only has assurance from God as he revealed Himself in His word, but he extends that same assurance to those whom he leads. For instance, it is a most unfortunate thing to see the children grown up longing for peace, security, and assurance in acceptance. A dad plays a significant role in this.
    Third, he is also a man who is Disciplined. By this I mean that he is disciplined in his reading of God’s word, he is disciplined in his work ethic, and he is disciplined in his attendance when the church gathers together.
    All these things that he exhibits will, through influence and example, pass to the family. Now that is a D.A.D.

 - Ron Thomas preacher for the Sunrush Church of Christ, Chillicothe, OH. He may be contacted through the congregation's website.

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