Sunday, April 7, 2024

A Practical Reason to Attend Bible Class

By Adam Faughn
    I always look forward to a new Bible school quarter. While I love studying a text or topic in depth for those weeks, there is also a "freshness" to starting a new study, especially when I know that we will come back to the text or topic of the previous study at another time. (For example, we may have felt like we hurried through certain sections of Philippians in the last quarter, but Lord willing, that will not be the last time we ever study that wonderful book!)
    Today marks the beginning of our spring quarter, and all three adult classes will begin new studies, as will our children’s and teens' classes. As I say from time to time, when these new studies begin, it is a wonderful time to jump in and renew a commitment to Bible study.
    But let me give a very practical reason why being regular and active in a Bible class can be a great help to each Christian's spiritual walk. It is simply this: if you will let it, it will aid with your personal Bible study.
    I am sometimes asked (and, frankly, I have struggled with this at times in my own personal life) about what to study in one's own personal life. A lot of Christians know that they need to be reading and studying the Scripture on their own but simply do not know where to begin or what to study next.
    A Bible class provides a very natural and good "first step" in personal Bible study. Each week in class, listen carefully and take what is said, but also think of further questions or considerations that you want to dive into more deeply. Then, during the week, let that guide your study.
    Almost any Bible class teacher will tell you that there is no way to discuss every possible consideration of a passage of Scripture or a topic in the allotted time of a Sunday or Wednesday Bible class. And, if we are being honest, there are times when each of us as students has probably felt as if we were wanting more from a study. It wasn't the teacher's fault; it was just a function of the amount of time and the volume of material to be considered.
    So, there is your "in" to your own personal Bible study! What was not covered that you want to know more about? What questions did this study raise in your own thinking? What were you confused about? What other passages did this study bring to mind? Were there Biblical people or places mentioned that you would like to learn more about? Was there a "Bible word" used that you've never really studied in depth before? Was this simply a text you just have not really ever studied before, and you want to dive deeper?
     All these--and more--can be brought up in your mind during a Bible class and then used throughout the week for your own Bible study. Over time, you may feel more comfortable choosing a subject of study on your own, but following up on a Bible class is always a good place to start--or default to--in your own personal study.
    So, please take a look at the list of classes for this quarter, make a choice, and jump in. Then, take what you learn and let it help you be drawn even closer to the Lord as the week (and weeks) roll on in your study.

- Adam Faughn preaches for the Central Church of Christ in Paducah KY. He may be contacted through the congregation's website: Visit the Faughn Family blog, A Legacy of Faith

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