Sunday, August 29, 2021

The Prophet Zechariah Raised His Eyes

By J. Randal Matheny

The prophet Zechariah raised his eyes,
And saw a flying scroll, to his surprise.
The scroll said every thief would be expelled,
The other side, all liars would soon be felled.
"But in our age is God not love and grace?"
The anger of God at sin does time erase?
Did God lift Satan to sit at his right hand?
"But human we are: we're weak against sin to stand."
To choose Sodom above the Lord is weak?
Is weakness to love Gomorrah's filth, to seek
Out sin for pleasure, to cheaply sell the soul?
I soon expect to see that flying scroll!

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     This poem, at first, seems harsh and negative. So what's it doing in a motivational site? In the darkness, light stands out starkly.
     Your greatest opportunity to shine is where the darkness is strongest.
     When others are making excuses for bad and sinful behavior, your sterling conduct stands out.
     When others give in easily to temptation and go with the flow of the crowd, your stance for truth sounds
far and wide.
     We thank Ed Boggess for his Just-A-Minute meditation today that served as inspiration for this poem and whose language provided much of the actual text.
     Let's stand with Ed and with Zechariah to be the true people of God in a world where "Christian" has little meaning left. We can show what the word truly means.
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