Friday, January 24, 2020

A New Year, Again

By J. Randal Matheny

    Happy New Year! The sentiment is genuine, the prayer is solid, that you and yours might be blessed by the Lord, in Christ, for great things, greater works.
    Those who have hope in Christ come at a New Year with a different perspective. It's one step closer to home. It's a degree of awareness greater of the winding down of this world and the perfection of heaven.
    The turning of the year is a good time to tweak tasks and reevaluate one's service. It's a God-given time frame for forward movement. It's a human tendency to think in terms of a year, Jas. 4.13-14, and to make sure that one's plans include God.
    So in these first days of 2020, feel the forward movement as you look back over the year that's gone, be thankful for the Lord's promised presence, and launch out anew to deeper waters and more fertile fields of harvest.

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