Monday, December 31, 2012

Daily Bible Study

By Travis L. Quertermous

     The wise king Solomon once wrote, "And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh" (Eccl. 12:12). Every high school and college student can certainly amen that statement! And yet, as wearisome as study can be sometimes, it is necessary to our continued intellectual and professional growth. I recently learned that a doctorate degree is out-of-date in seven years; so even those with PH.D.'s must continue to study if they are to keep up in their profession.
     The same thing is true with our spiritual growth. The only way this can happen is if we study God's Word, the Bible, every day. The Apostle Peter taught, "as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby" (1 Peter 2:2). Just as babes crave their bottles, so Christians should have an instinctive desire to study their Bibles. This is the nourishment our souls need if we are to become mature children of God.
     The Berean Jews were called noble by God because "they searched the Scriptures daily" (Acts 17:11). What would He call you based on your Bible study habits? Are you feeding yourself spiritually everyday on the word of God? Or are you stunting your spiriual growth?

- Travis L. Quertermous preaches for the Church of Christ in Dexter, MO.  He may be contacted through the congregation's website:

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