Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Wise Saying

By C. M.Callan

     I have a friend that told me about one of his uncles.  It seems as if every time the family got together, you could count on him making this statement to all that would listen.  “There are only two things that are important in this life; church and family, nothing else matters.”
     Some might argue that it should be “God and family,” and I understand the reasoning behind that.   However does not “church” include God?  Yes, the first commandment is to love God, but you cannot love God if you are not a part of His divine church. (I John 1: 3-6).  So then church does include God and also fellow believers.  God welcomed us into His family when we were reborn in baptism.  What a glorious family, with Christ our elder brother who sits on the throne with God and all the saints that have gone before leading the way, we should all feel the security of the love of other Christians and give God the praise.
    Christ reminds us that we need to put the kingdom (church) before every thing else, including family.  (Luke 14:26-27)  But, this does not mean that Christ thought family was unimportant.  Christ even made preparation for his mother’s care as he was being crucified on the cross.  Every command of God regarding marriage and family was apparently given to strengthen the family unit.  God condemns those who commit adultery, and God says divorce is wrong, because it destroys the family unit. From the very beginning of time God promoted the family as a sacred institution. (Genesis 2:24)
    The sad thing is, as a nation we have rejected both ideas.  Our government has thrown God out of every building they have the power to do so.  It has now become the accepted norm by many, that living together without marriage is ok and that sex is just something you do if you feel like it, no matter who it is with.  Have we lost our mind?  Satan is laughing all the way to hell and back.
    I think my friend’s uncle was right on target.  We need more people shouting this and living it.  It starts by putting God back into our families and then in our community and then the nation.
    PS:  It is strange that when many of the people that have rejected God and family, get in trouble, the first person they turn to is God followed by family!

- C. M.Callan serves as an elder of the church of Christ in Rotan, TX. He may be contacted at


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