Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watchmen! Stand Upon Your Stations

Watchmen! stand upon your stations;
Blow the trumpet loud and long;
Preach the Gospel to the nations,
Warn the just away from wrong.
See the day is breaking;
See foundations shaking,
When ramparts rise, be strong,
When ramparts rise, be strong!

Watchmen! greet the nearing glory
Of the great Messiah's reign!
Tell the risen Savior's story,
Tell it once and o'er again;
See His love revealing,
See the nations' healing:
New life among the slain,
New life among the slain!

This poem is an adaptation of song lyrics from the
1800s. Do you think I have a right to attach my
name to it? Get the goods on the original lyrics
here, compare the two, and tell me what you think:

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