Monday, April 16, 2012

Are you rich?

    According to a Gallup Poll, about 98% of Americans reply NO when asked! There are several reasons why this negative response is given:
¨ Most assume the question relates to finances.
¨ Most think of someone “much richer” than they are.
¨ Most have not attained the wealth they desire—they are not as “rich” as they want.
     Richard Sterns provides some sobering statistics (The Hole in Our Gospel, pp 1212-122, Thomas Nelson, 2009).
¨ The average income in America is $38,611 a year, or $105 a day.
Compare that to the world in which we live:
¨ 2.6 billion people (40% of the world’s population) live on less than $2 a day.
¨ 1 billion people (15% of the world’s population) live on less than $1 a day.
¨ 0.3 billion people (4.5% of the world’s population) live on $105 a day (that is us).
     By going to the website and typing in your income, in a matter of seconds you can see where you fit on the “global rich list.”
     Whether we admit it or not, or are satisfied with where we are or not, from a global perspective most of us are rich. Very rich! So what difference does this make? Paul gave Timothy some very pointed instructions:
“Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy. Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life (1 Timothy 6:17-19).
     So many want to tell us how to get rich. Very few provide advice once one is rich. The Holy Spirit has provided that counsel in 1 Timothy 6. It is practical, pertinent, and inspired! May we all read and learn! May we all be ready to give and willing to share.

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The Encourager, the weekly bulletin for the Calvert City church of Christ, Calvert City, KY.  Lance Cordle preaches for the congregation.  He may be contacted through the congregation's website:

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