Monday, January 23, 2012

Bible Study?

By C.M.Callan

     I suppose there are some questions that just have to go unanswered as we plod along the road of life.  Some of these questions are of major significance but most are just queries we would like to have  answered.  As an elder God has charged me with the spiritual oversight of the congregation (along with the other elders) and this has raised a question that gives me a lot of worry time.  Perhaps you have the answer.
      The question is simply this:  If a person is truly converted to be a follower of Jesus and claims to be a Christian in all of its glorious biblical definitions, then why do so many not take advantage of Sunday morning classes and Wednesday evening bible study?  If we are truly dedicated to follow Jesus then surely we would want to be present for any opportunity to get closer to our Master.  Christianity is not something you do for one hour on Sunday morning, it is a way of life.  It should be so important that every question or decision that comes up in our life should first be screened though the “Jesus filter”.
      Yes, I am well aware there are legitimate reasons for one to be absent from these studies, but just think about it.  If Jesus was going to be present in person, would you make an effort to be there?  Well, He has promised to be there in spirit (Matthew 18:20).  Surely that should be enough motivation for you to change you habits.  If you are truly converted to Christ, then you will always want to be where He is.  You are correct, there is no scripture that says you must be present for all bible studies, but why would you not want to be?
      Here are ten reasons I have heard for not going to class.  I am sure there are many others, but these should be enough to see how absurd some of them are.

1. I already know all the bible I need to know.
2. Sunday morning is the only morning I can sleep late.
3. Wednesday evening is when I watch my favorite TV program.
4. Sitting two hours on Sunday morning is just too long for me.
5. There is no command for it in the bible.
6. The teacher is boring or hard to understand.
7. I am just too tired to go on Wednesday night.
8. The church benches are just too hard to sit that long
9. Just never got in the habit of going.
10. All they do is argue over minute points that I have no interest in.
     I know it is not for me or the elders to judge your motive, but when the seats are empty in the class, we have to ask the question, why?

- C.M.Callan serves as an elder for the Rotan church of Christ in Rotan, Texas. He may be contacted at

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