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Monday, December 19, 2011

Families Need Teamwork

By Mike Haynes      In life, as well as in sports, it is vital to know that “we” is more important than “ me. ” the USA basketball team did not win a gold medal in the 2004 Olympic Games. The U.S. team was loaded with NBA all stars. Yet, they lost to Argentina, Lithuania and Puerto Rico. How could that happen? It is a  good question. John  Wooden, the former UCLA basketball guru, offered this explanation: he said, “The U.S. sent great players; the opposition sent great teams.” The U.S. had superstars; but they could not compete with a super-team!”
     Ego management is a big concern for every supervisor, teacher or leader. Some individuals have over-inflated egos. They think too highly of themselves. Others have under-inflated egos. They have low self-esteem. The antidote for too much ego or too little ego is the team concept. Teaching is usually required in the area of team spirit. Some people have been encouraged to be rugged individualists. They are independent in thought and action. Their natural inclination is to watch out for self. Personal glory is more important than team success. And, of course, there are times in life when one must stand alone. But, there is also the matter of community.
     There is value in being a part of a learning organization (job, church, school, family, etc.). I was reared in Oxford, Alabama, near the Talladega Speedway. The influence of NASCAR was certainly felt in my community. The big-named drivers, of course, got most of the publicity and attention. But, a big-named driver can’t do it all by himself. One, in a sense, isolated individual, must pour gas into the tank of the race car. Another person is responsible for removing and replacing lug nuts. One person removes the worn tire. Yet another person puts on the new tire. One person stands by with a fire extinguisher in case a problem arises. All of these individuals realize they are team members. The family, in a very real sense, is a team. Successful families have a team or family spirit. Parents are responsible for teaching family members about team work. Such teaching will strengthen the family and prepare family members for participation in other groups.

- Mike Haynes received his training at Freed-Hardeman University, Southern Christian University, Auburn University, and Nova Southeastern University. He supervises a number of forensic programs for the Alabama Department of Corrections. [This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer issue of Our Families Magazine]; via
The Family Friend, a monthly newsletter published by the Calvert City church of Christ, Calvert City, KY.  It is an excellent resource for articles relating to the family.  To learn more consult the congregation's website:

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