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Monday, August 1, 2011

We Have Our Own Key To Tomorrow’s World

By W.A. Martin

A dying man said, “If the goals you have won’t get you past death then they aren’t worth having.” God sent His Son to throw out the lifeline to a lost and struggling people (Luke 19:10). When sin had done its worst in the world, God sent His best (John 3:16). The jailor’s fear turned to humility, then he could be helped (Acts 16:25-33). The important thing about the jailor he did not put it off. On the verge of committing suicide he found help (2 Cor.6:2). The important thing to really consider is what have you accomplished in the time allotted you?(Eph.5:16). Putting God first is not always easy, but it is always possible, and it always pays. People cheat themselves by choosing the easy road.

Prayer is not a substitute for Christian living and service, but the reinforcement of it. Pray to God, but keep the hammer going (Luke 18:1). Before it’s too late we need to be educated how to live as well as how to make a living (Mat.4:4). How to improve our standard of life as well as living standard. One of the main themes through the Bible is God wants man to come home before it’s too late. He wants him to want to come home (Rev.22:17). The important thing is to believe in heaven and make plans to go there (Amos 4:12). Salvation should challenge our minds, fill our heart, and demand our obedience.

Jesus took people as they were, where they were and taught them right, and expected them to do right. When you get your heart under control, mind, body, time and emotions take care of themselves. I’d rather change my mind and succeed; than have my own way and fail in the end. It’s not what I would like to believe, but what the Lord has commanded me to believe (John 8:24). The Bible is designed to tell us what to believe, not to prove what we believe. Let us never forget that what we are is more important than what we own. The Lord called a man a fool because of lack of concern for his soul (Luke12:20).

If you want something bad enough you won’t find it hard to obey the right instructions (Mat.5:6). The world has forgotten, it is preoccupation with the left and right, that there is an above and a below. Yet, we have our own key to tomorrow’s world. We have the key that can unlock the door of opportunity for God. God expects us to know enough to care, care enough to know! We are a victim of our own desires.

- W.A. Martin is a part time preacher for the Scurry church of Christ, Scurry, Texas, and edits a bulletin that is sent to 14 churches in the area. He may be contacted at

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