Saturday, March 23, 2024

The Inability To Situationalize Truth (Part 3)

By Wes Garland

    In the last 2 parts of this series of articles, we have discussed how people sometimes think that they can situationalize certain things with Truth. We have talked about how people have tried to situationalize the truth in obeying the gospel and also in dealing with marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Today, we will look at how people will try to situationalize their responsibility in faithfulness.
    I have come across a lot of people who used to be very strong in the faith but aren’t now or have obeyed the gospel and you see them never really getting to their full potential, spiritually speaking. When confronting these individuals, I have heard numerous statements like “I have just gotten really busy”, “Things have just come up”, “My child has practice or games” etc. Now with these individuals, a lot of times, I never hear statements like “We are going to quit these sports teams because they are taking us away from God” or “I am going to make changes in my scheduling to make sure that God comes first” or “I am going to empty my plate so that I can put God first”. Why is this? They think that because these situations have occurred, a lot of the times because they, themselves, have allowed it, will somehow excuse them in the realm of faithfulness. But, what has happened, is that they have replaced God with all of these other things that, in their heart, God can become second. We need to realize that God is to ALWAYS TAKE PRECEDENCE in our lives (Col. 1:18) and that the things of this world, the sports teams, the scheduling, our jobs, etc. are only to get us through this life. If we only focus on the physical, it will only lead us to the end of the physical, death and ultimately the second death (Rev. 21:8). God expects His people to look beyond the physical and look on to the eternal (Tit. 2:13). God expects His people to not become in love with this world (1 John 2:15-17), but to love Him (Jn. 14:15). God expects His people to continue staying faithful and not deserting the things involving Him (Heb. 2:1-4).
NO SITUATION can arise to excuse us of faithfulness!
May we do what we must to have what God wants us to receive!
It will NOT happen if we don’t MAKE it happen!
Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be
added to you.

- Wesley Garland preaches for Warners Chapel church of Christ in Clemmons, NC. He may be contacted through the congregation's website:

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