Sunday, August 21, 2022

Trampoline Warnings

By Joe Chesser


    I remember helping put a trampoline together a few years ago for some of my grandkids.  I was tempted to tell them, “Take this thing back to the store.  It’s too dangerous to have in your yard!”  It wasn’t because I didn’t want my grandkids to have fun.  Jumping on a trampoline is a lot of fun (especially if you add friends and a water hose)!

    No, the reason I thought about taking it back to the store was because of all the warnings!  According to the packaging, trampolines are probably the most dangerous thing in the world.  When I opened the box, a laminated sign was the first thing I saw.  The sign came with a zip tie so the warning could be prominently placed so that every kid who got on the trampoline could (theoretically) stop and read how dangerous trampolines are.  On the trampoline mat itself were four (4) more warning labels for the kids to read and follow, along with instructions on how to jump safely (don’t plan to land on your head if you attempt a flip; no more than one on the trampoline at a time, etc.).

    Despite all of these warnings, we decided to go ahead put the thing together.  So, I got out the instruction manual to find out where each part goes.  Wouldn’t you know it, before I got to the instructions there were four or more pages of warnings (in fine print!).  But like a good grandpa, I quickly skipped all the warnings and just put the trampoline together.  Before long, the kids are jumping 6-8 at a time and having a blast!

    What’s the point of all of this?  Warnings, and how we react to them.  We all know that there is an element of danger in playing on trampolines … or playing football … or driving a car … or getting out of bed.  There is an element of risk in just about everything we do, even in doing nothing at all!  So we compare the risk against the reward and decide what to do.  And we get along pretty well doing this.

    But what most people fail to consider is the risk factor regarding their souls. God has given us plenty of warnings about the dangers of life outside of Christ.  And He has given us plenty of warnings about not being fully committed in Christ.  But like the trampoline warnings, most of God’s warnings are ignored.  Most of us go about life any way we choose, and pretend that there are no dangers in the way we live.  Most people are “jumping” down the broad road enjoying the thrills of life while ignoring the warnings of destruction ahead (Matthew 7:13).  They’re convinced that, like jumping on a trampoline, the dangers are imagined, not real, and certainly don’t apply to them.  Even many of those who have recognized the dangers of the “broad road,” have obeyed the gospel and have begun walking down the “narrow” road, but later lost their focus and the commitment required to protect themselves from the dangers of sin and negligence (Matthew 7:14, Matthew 6:33, Luke 9:23).  What’s the point? Warnings can be ignored, but is the risk worth it?

- Joe Chesser preaches for the Fruitland Church of Christ, Fruitland, MO.  He may be contacted at

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