Sunday, July 18, 2021

Hate His Father? (Luke 14:26)

By Travis Robertson

    When you were a child, did you ever blurt out the words, “I hate you?” I can remember using those words toward a sibling or at times my own father. Usually, those words came out because things were not going my way and someone else was making me do something I did not want to do. I really didn’t mean it. I was just expressing my own helplessness and frustration in the moment.
    However, Jesus tells us in the gospel of Luke to hate our own father. If we simply pull this verse out by itself, it looks like Jesus is trying to destroy families. That is not his purpose nor his desire. His point is, ‘if you are truly going to be disciples of Mine, I must be number one in your life.’ We cherish our family relationships and will do most anything for our parents or children. But if our earthly father will tear us away from Jesus, we need stand firm with Christ.
    The best outcome, of course, would be for father and child to live in harmony with both living faithfully to Jesus.  Fathers, lead your family in a way that encourages everyone to be together in Christ!
- Travis Robertson preachers for the Lake Norman Church of Christ in Huntersville, NC. He may be contacted through the congregation's website at

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