Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Church of Christ

By Ron Thomas
    The last two weeks we have talked about the Lord's church. We learned that He built it and those who are members of it are saved.  This week we want to consider the name of the church.
    Reading through the New Testament, one can't help but notice a number of appellation ascribed to the church. For instance, we read of the "church of God," the "churches of Christ," the "church of the First-born," the "church at Corinth," etc. We wonder if from this we can learn an appropriate name. The answer is yes. In all the "names" found in the New Testament, you will note that there is no name after the name of a man. This is important. We are identified as the "church of Christ" because we want to be associated with the Lord's name, after all it is He who built the church. It would be easy for us to say the "church at Sullivan" and, perhaps, that would be acceptable. However, while this identifies our location, we want to identify our association. Association with the Lord gives a clear indication, in name at least, that the Lord owns the church. Can an assembly of people go wrong with this?

- via The Lantern, Highway Church of Christ, Sullivan, IL  Ron Thomas serves as preacher and an elder for the congregation and you may visit their website as

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