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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Doctrine of Chance

By Col. Arial Bragg (1772-1855)

Why fancy this, so strange a world,
That all by chance is round us hurl'd;
No argument man can advance,
Can ever prove all came by chance.

The forest trees that tower high,
And lo the star, the spangled sky;
The spendid sun all glorious shine,
Declare all nature's work divine!

The order of the universe,
Directs all nature in its course;
She guides the stars that round us burn,
The moon that changes in her turn.

Nothing takes place without a cause,
And all moves on by nature's laws;
The elements that strive and rend,
In blackness all their fury spend.

In anger man may raise his sword,
In anger shed his neighbor's blood;
Hindo's in poison dip their lance,
Can never prove all came by chance.

The sun, nor moon for ages past,
Have never varied from thier place;
From lofty mountains rivers flow,
Winding their way to plains below.

The ebb and flowing of the tide.
By man can never be denied;
The bounding of the seas and flood,
Declares there is all nature's God.

All flesh as grass before him stand,
All nature moves at his command
Whose presence fills immensity,
To whom all mortals bend the knee.

- Memoirs of Col. Arial Bragg, Written by Himself, George W. Stacy Printers, 1846, p. 54, 55.

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