Monday, April 5, 2010

If You Missed Wednesday Night Services, You Missed a Great Time

By Edd Sterchi

It was a great time of great praise to a great God. We spent time singing and praying to God and it was truly wonderful. It was a time of reflection, honor, and glorifying. It was great worshiping our Creator together.

It was a great time of great fellowship with great people. The feeling of family was evident and abundant. We visited, laughed, consoled, and showed much love and concern. It was great encouraging and being edified.

It was a great time of great study from God’s great Word. We took a look into the Book and examined some passages that benefitted us in many ways. It was truly great learning truths from the Truth of God’s word.

Yes, we sure had a “great” time last Wednesday. Hope you can join us this Wednesday for another one.

Edd Sterchi preaches for the Jackson church of Christ in Jackson, MO. He may be contacted at or through the congregation's website:

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