Monday, May 4, 2009

Just For Mom

By Jennie Lou Carson

When I was just a tiny tot,
   A problem, this I know.
I brought you many headaches,
   And I caused you grief and woe.

For years you cared for me, but now
   My baby days are through--
And turn-about's fair play, dear Mom,
   Now I'll take care of you.

It always makes me happy when
   I find some little thing
That perhaps may make you happy- -
   Make you laugh and want to sing.

But no matter what I do for you,
   I know 'twill never be
Enough to ever pay you back,
   For what you're done for me.

The years are swiftly rolling by,
   And gray is in your hair;
Don't think that I don't know, Mom,
   That I helped to put it there.

But as long as God permits me
   To stay beneath the blue,
I'll do my best to show you, Mom,
   How much I care for you.

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