Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Religion To Die By

A father on his deathbed called his two sons.  They gathered around him, and to one he said, "Good-night, son;" and to the other he said, "Good-by, son." The second boy noticed the difference and asked his father, "Father, why did you say 'good-by' to me?" The dear old man who loved both of them said to the boy, "Son, John is a Christian; I will meet him in the morning of eternity, so it is just 'good-night' to him.  But you son, are not a Christian.  I will never meet you again, unless you change.  It is 'good-by' my son, throughout all eternity."

- Bulletin Digest, via Easthill Bulletin, Pulaski, TN and The Shady Acres Servant, Shady Acres Church of Christ, Sikeston, MO

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