Monday, January 17, 2011

The Morning of Forever

By H. L. Gradowith

Come the morning of forever
We shall be with Him on high;
There beside the Crystal River
Where no one will ever die!

With the sainted of the ages
We shall walk and talk for aye,
Where sins storm no longer rages
Nor shall come the close of day.

In His presence then at long last
We shall lay our burdens down,
No more troubles from life's dark past
Just a robe and starry crown!

What a mighty celebration
When the dead in Christ shall rise!
Jesus now makes preparation
For our mansion in the skies!

- H. L. Gradowith For more information on H. L. Gradowith and GRADOWITH POEMS e-mail group visit - the website of Tim Smith, minister of the Enon church of Christ in Webb, AL.

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