Monday, January 31, 2011

2 Spiritual Kingdoms: Which for You?

By Tim Childs

While things of this present sphere remain, political kingdoms will rise in dominance, peak and fall. There are, however, two spiritual kingdoms which will continue until the end of time: one is the kingdom of darkness which is ruled by Satan and his evil cohorts; the other is the kingdom of heaven, also known as the kingdom of Jesus, the Christ. In addition to having different rulers, there are the following distinctive features:

The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light have distinguishing objectives. The kingdom of heaven seeks to bless God’s creation, especially man; the other is to curse and destroy. The purpose of one is to provide life, give meaning and fulfillment, while Satan works to rob, steal and kill, to make us despondent under the gloom of misery and hopelessness.
The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light bear distinguishing fruits. One produces chaos, confusion, lawlessness, selfishness, hatred, strife, division and death, while Jesus creates peace, unity, joy and love.

The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light have distinguishing destinies. The kingdom of darkness will be overwhelmed and utterly conquered by the power and glory of Jesus at his coming. Satan, his angels, along with his willing and deceived followers, will be vanquished in everlasting destruction. Jesus, the king of righteousness, along with his angels and faithful followers, will glow in radiant splendor as he positions upon their heads their eternal crown of victory over Satan, sin and death. Presently, the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to translate you from the power of darkness, to deliver you from death and give you life in the eternal kingdom. Which do you choose?

- Tim Childs preaches for the Hillcrest church of Christ in Baldwyn, MS. He may be contacted through the congregation's website:

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