Monday, May 23, 2011

Gloom in Life

I have done quite a lot of reflecting since the tragedy at Virginia Tech University . I haven’t been able to come up with a logical reason for this, as I am certain that neither can anyone else?

I don’t know anyone that was involved, but feel very emotional whenever I think of the young ladies and gentlemen that lost their lives that day. I feel equally as sad for the parents of the children that died that day. They will never be able to hold them, tell them how much they love them, or to see them graduate and go on to lead a productive life. I also feel for the parents of the young man that felt so much rage that day, to take so many lives and also to take his own. It seems that there were signs given to show that this young man was, in his own way crying out for help.

t appears whenever something of this magnitude happens the first thing that is said is “Oh God”. Why isn’t it that “Oh Devil” should be the first thing said? Our Lord didn’t cause this tragedy. Satan relishes this opportunity to cause anger, hurt, and pain in our lives. He was successful in getting all aspects of God out of the school, prayer in school, and also anything that has to do with the bible. After something like this happens the first thing that people want to do is talk to God. Why isn’t it a priority before something this sad happens?

- Submitted by Terry & Brenda Standerfer, members of the Highway church of Christ, Sullivan, IL ( Ron Thomas serves as preacher and an elder for the congregations and he may be contacted through at:

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