Monday, May 16, 2011

Church From A Visitor's Perspective

By Brad Montague

Sometimes I try to "visit" our church. You should try it sometime.

Walk through the door as though you've never been there. Drive into our parking log for the first time. Try to find your classroom. Sit down for worship in the auditorium. What do you see? What do you hear? Who talked to you that you didn't know? What kind of experience are you having? Would you return?

It is very likely that the large majority of people who read this have grown up going to church. That's a wonderful thing - but sometimes it can be really easy to forget what it's like to go to a church for the first time.

I heard one person say that if we welcomed people into our homes like we welcome them to our church they would never want to come over for dinner again. Imagine going to someone's house and being invited in. You see a sea of people you do not know. Someone shakes your hand and then walks away - unaware that they are leaving you alone to fend for yourself. You get excluded in conversations when people talk about things you've never heard of. The people slip into conversaions using jargon only they understand. You don't even know why everyone is gathered there. They don't see that you are a little nervous to be there. In fact, it feels as though they don't see you.

Who would put themselves through that for a second time?

I love God. Odds are if you are reading this, well ... you do too. I also love people. Again, odds are that if you're reading this, well ... you do too. When you connect God with people amazing things can happen.

Do you want to connect people to the Creator? Do you want to be a part of a community of believers that not only talk about Christ's love - but live it? Visiti our church. View it with fresh eyes. With people like you - we're off to a great start.

- via Estes Echo, the weekly bulletin for the Estes church of Christ, Henderson, TN. You can visit their website at

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