Monday, February 21, 2011

Deep Water

By James C. Guy

My daughter taught swimming lessons in our pool. She always left the line up separating the deep from the shallow until her students were familiar with the pool. After a week of lessons and the children were swimming, she knew they were ready for the deeper level. To acclimate them to this, she would take down the line separating the two levels. Usually, this would make the students very nervous. This was shown by one boy in particular when he remarked, "Miss Tahnee, please put the line back up...the deep water is getting into the shallow water!" We laugh at this, but are we no different? Our Father may challenge us to a newer level of growth by urging us out of our comfort zone. And we cry, "But Father, the deep water is getting into the shallow water!"

- James C. Guy, Canal Heights church of Christ, in Demopolis, Alabama. He may be contacted at THE BIBLE SAYS website at:

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