Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Be Careful Who You Follow

By David Bragg

    Her voice is pleasant, but authoritative, as she leads countless people every day to their destinations. "Bear right." "Turn left." "Stay in the left lane." "Make a u-turn." Even when it goes against our better judgment, the temptation is always present to blindly follow her.
    Perhaps that is precisely what an Illinois man was thinking in 2015 as he and his wife were traveling through Indiana. Authorities admitted that the driver was so focused on his GPS device that he ignored barricades, orange barrels, cones, and large signs declaring that not only was the road closed but the bridge no longer existed (it was demolished in 2009). Still the 64-year-old driver took the ramp up and off what formerly was the Cline Bridge ( While he survived the 37 foot plunge, his wife was not so fortunate.
    As we navigate life it is crucial for us to know who it is that we are following. In every generation much heartache and loss could have been avoided if only people had not blindly followed the crowd. Yet, people still suffer for the "everyone is doing it" mentality.
    The danger is prevalent even today. We are encouraged by the crowds to ignore the old-fashioned commands to high moral standards of Christianity. Yet the Bible admonishes us to stop and consider who it is that we are following and just where are we being led (1 Cor. 11:1Eph. 5:1-2; 1 Peter 2:21). God has warned us through the inspired writers of the New Testament that, when it comes to our spiritual journey, be careful who you follow.

- David Bragg serves as one of the ministers at the Northwest Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC and is co-editor of BulletinGold. He may be contacted through the congregation's website.

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