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Monday, August 19, 2013

Value of the Valley

By C.B. Hodge

     Most of us are human (I think). We all covet the “mountain.” Mountain-top experiences: success, praise, exciting events and problemfree existence. Imagine being a Moses at Mt. Sinai! What about the Transfiguration with Jesus, Moses and Elijah! The Bible is a book about Mountains! Praise God for Mountains!
     But life is lived “down in the Valley.” Moses led the people in the Valley; Jesus came down from the Transfiguration to heal a demonic son! The strength found on the Mountain is used only in the Valley. Besides, you cannot see the Mountain on the Mountain. The Mountain can only be seen from the Valley. Life is not lived on the Mountain, but in the Valley! Ministry, service, dedication, compassion, mercy, leadership, are for the valley, not the Mountain. The Great Commission given on a Mountain is carried out down in the Valley.
     But most of us want only Mountains. We do well on the Mountain of success and excitement. But we quake and quit when returned to the Valley. But the people are down in the Valley! We are in the “people business.” Christian living belongs to the Valley. Praise God for Valleys!

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