Monday, June 3, 2013

What would you do today if you knew the world would end tomorrow?

By A. L. Franks
    Watching television is, to say the least, “a risky business.” Who would deny that television is often a great “waster of time”? And, since Christians are taught to “redeem the time”; that is, “make good use of time ”(Eph. 5:16; Col. 4:5), caution needs to be exercised in watching television. Ever so often, my June and I will turn on the television searching for a program that may be considered “relaxing and/or recreational.”
    Recently, in our search, we came across a program called “Family Feud” where two “families” were competing for generous prizes by trying to guess how different groups of 100 people had responded to certain questions. One of the questions was: “What would you do today if you knew the world would end tomorrow?”
    We found it interesting to listen as one of the families responded. Four answers had been given at the time the above picture was taken. Those answers were: (a) Pray; (b) Visit/call family; (c) Party/get drunk and (d) Make love.
    We were encouraged that answer given most often was to “pray”. Thirty-three out of 100 said if they knew the world would end tomorrow they would pray. One out of three seemed to realize the need for and the value of prayer. Sadly, however, two out of three did not mention prayer. What about you? Would prayer be a priority to you?
    Then, in respond to the serious question, 18 out of 100 said they would go to visit or call family. One out of five appeared to realize the value of family. This leaves four out of five who did not mention visiting or calling a family member! What about you? Would family be a priority to you?
    Sadly, many of those responding to the serious question answered they would “party or get drunk”. Yet, others answered that they would “make love.” Again, I ask: What about you? How would you answer?
    Your response to the question about what you would do today if you knew the world would end tomorrow is largely determined by what you believe about life after death. Those who know and believe the Scriptures and have come to know and believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and is the Saviour of the world have full assurance that death and or the end of the world is not really the end -- it is only the beginning! They realize that the most important thing in life is to be ready to die; to be ready for the end -- which could come tomorrow! And, to be ready to die, one must be a Christian.
    Are you? Are you ready to die? Are you ready for the end of the world and/or the day your world ends?

(Note: Those of us who are responsible for this paper (publisher, writers, contributors) encourage you to make preparations for the end of your life and/or the end of the world. Is there some way we can help? Please let us hear from you. Thanks. God bless!

- Magnolia Messenger, edited by Paul Franks, published by the South Huntington St Church of Christ, Kosciusko, MS, Oct. Dec. 2012, p. 8. You can visit their website at

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