Monday, April 22, 2013

Rust Protection

By Jim Faughn


    The plant was shut down.  The product had not been selling.  The man on the television was reporting on certain factors in the economy that had negatively affected his particular industry.  As the camera focused on a machine that was still operating, the reporter said, “These machines are kept running just to keep from rusting.”

    The observation has been made that some Christians rust out instead of wearing out.  If this observation is true, could the reason be that many of us do not see the need to keep busy in the Lord’s service? Not only have some “ceased production,” but they are so rusty that they may never again be active in the world’s greatest cause.

    It is very easy to fail to see any advantage in operating a machine that’s not producing anything.  With a little more reflection, it may begin to make a little sense.  That machine could possibly be used in another plant, and/or for another purpose.

    What makes no sense to me is to observe a child of God who has “shut down” when there is so much to do for the Lord.  Maybe I cannot do what I once did, but I can still be of service to my Master as long as I live.
    Are you preventing rust in your service to our Lord? 
- Jim Faughn serves as an elder and preacher for the Central Church of Christ in Paducah KY.  He may be contacted through the congregation's website:

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  1. Wow, this is a very nice story for reflection. I have always ben thankful to the Lord for all the blessings me and my family received. I am always His servant and a loyal devotee. -