Monday, July 30, 2012

Do You Really Want To Go To Heaven?

By Edd Knight
     That may strike you as a ridiculous question, but before you answer, consider these things. Jesus has endorsed heaven as the most desirable place to be after this life. For most Christians the word of Jesus is the ultimate recommendation. But what do you think it will really be like? A desirable place to Jesus Christ might actually be a little uncomfortable for some professed Christians. The Bible is not really explicit or detailed about the activities that will take place in heaven.
     Some envision heaven as a place of rest, an eternal spit and whittle club where they recline in the shade of a tree and visit nostalgically with old friends. Now, the real problem with that line of thought is that the idle Christian will probably not make it to the heavenly rest, and God would surely not force the energetic Christian to sit in the shade and drift off into eternal boredom. So surely there will be some activities to engage in. If you really speculate on heavenly activities, it may cause you to wonder if it is where you really want to go.
     Do you have trouble getting to church services a couple of times a week? Does it seem a bit too much? Suppose you get to heaven and they have  worship assemblies every day. How would you like that? Are you irritated when your preacher goes beyond the time you have allotted to him? Can you visualize spending eternity in heaven with that long-winded guy, and having him preach to you every day? Do you not care to sing praises to God in excess of the customary three songs – and “no new or difficult songs” ever to be sung? All that singing and praising and worshipping of God in heaven might be too much of a stretch for your soul. Do you find fellowship activities boring and time consuming, something that keeps you from doing your own thing on your own schedule? In heaven God’s servants will serve Him. Do you resent having assigned work to do?
     The list of questions could go on and on, but probably the severest test would be getting to heaven and finding people there that in your judgment have no right to be there. Are you willing to take a chance on that?
     Do you really want to go to heaven? Maybe considering the only other  alternative destination (it is called hell) will help you make up your mind. But if you really want to be in heaven, it greatly behooves you to prepare for that eventuality now. It is not a choice you can make when life ends – you will not be given a preview of heaven and hell at that time and allowed to decide which one you really want. The choice has to be made while you live. Actually there is only one choice for you to make. If you do not choose heaven and prepare yourself for it, then the default choice of the only alternative to heaven is automatic.
     Of course, if you love Christ, the church – the people and the activities of the church – you are ready for heaven and all it portends.

- Edd, Knight; via
The Encourager, the weekly bulletin for the Dongola church of Christ, Dongola, IL.  Gerald Cowan serves the congregation as minister.  He may be contacted at 

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