Monday, July 6, 2009

Eternal Bliss

by Stella G. Wester

When all the dreams are ended,
And the last page has been turned,
Dreams and realities are blended,
For eternal life we have yearned.

When the last kind word has been spoken,
And the last good-bye has been said,
And the last praises of tokens,
And the last chapter has been read.

When life’s last breath has been taken,
And life’s crown has been won,
And the living are forsaken,
And life’s race has been won.

When life’s last picture has been painted,
And when the last song has been sung,
We’ll see the joys that have awaited.
Until the last race had been won.

We’ll be called to home yonder,
Upon high and far above,
This is much that we must ponder
When we meet our Maker - our love.

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